Why Us

Tarian Underwriting Limited was founded in December 2016. As a group we saw an opportunity to set up a customer centric company that was focused on entrepreneurial and tailored solutions for Cyber and Technology risks, an emerging and fast developing sector within insurance.

Being a Lloyd’s of London approved underwriter, our platform provides us with the underwriting capabilities to engage with the global cyber insurance market place.  Lloyd’s has a long history of being a leading specialist marketplace coupled with strong, long standing financial security, meaning our customers can be confident of a long term and sustainable relationship.

To support our underwriting activities, we have pooled together a number of established, well known partners to provide nimble, dynamic, and global underwriting solutions for our clients.

We continue to expand our team to ensure that we can continue to deliver on our core values.

Core Values

Listening to our customers’ needs

At the core of our business is a desire to create innovative customer centric solutions.

Great service

From initial engagement, we strive to provide exceptional service across all areas of our business from product development, policy servicing, risk management and claims service.

Data Driven

Effective data management allows us to deliver bespoke products and enhance our customer / trading partner insight.


We believe having an engaging and supportive working environment empowers people to deliver the best results for our customers and partners.

Treating our customers fairly

We aspire to ensure that our customers’ feel that they have been treated fairly and respectfully.


By having experienced underwriting capabilities, relevant cyber risk management tools and operational agility, we are able to evaluate risk and underwrite across a wide spectrum of industries, geographies and from small to medium size companies to listed Fortune 1000 companies.

We view transparency, timely delivery of product and service and building long term sustainable partnerships as a bedrock of our success.

How we do it

Our experienced team allows us to create solutions from SME facilities to large bespoke cyber products.

Our market leading claims and legal offering means we are able to assist our customers at their time of need.

Our relationships with key risk management solutions means we can provide proactive solutions.

Our capital providers trust our expertise, and allow us to make decisions on their behalf.

Our structure via the Lloyd’s platform allows us the ability to write risks throughout the world with a strong financial security and bringing peace of mind to our customers.”