Not only does our Policy cover all the modules highlighted on our products page but we listened to broker feedback and worked with you to provide unique, tailored cover which responds to your needs. The below key items highlight some of key aspects that our SME Cyber offering addresses:


If you meet certain criteria we will simply roll over your policy for a new year


Cyber incidents can cause damage to your electronic devices that are beyond repair. In these instances, coverage will extend to provide for replacement of these devices


If we need to replace your damaged software and it is no longer available we will update that software to an up to date version subject to a cap of 125% of the cost of your original software

Business Interruption/ System Failure

At times it may be difficult to see the difference between a ‘system failure’ and ‘malicious attack’. Our policy eliminates this ambiguity by viewing both issues as the same. We see coverage from your point of view, which is why our Business Interruption insurance covers system failure

Business Interruption Period of Restoration

After a network / business interruption event, returning a network online is not guaranteed to be smooth. The “testing phase” means coverage will remain in place in case the disruption continues

Reputational Harm

Revenue methods vary between industries/sectors as do the accompanying contracts. An event/breach/ business interruption today may not impact your sales or revenues during the impacted period. As such we provide rep harm cover to extend business interruption losses to the impacted period (up to 12 months) thereafter

Crypto Jacking

Criminals use the networks of unsuspecting companies to mine for crypto-currency. In doing so they may cause damage / disruption to the network. While not an intentionally malicious act, coverage is still provided to make you whole

Advancement of Data Breach Incident Response Costs

In order to properly trigger cover under a policy, you typically have to tell your insurer before responding to a cyber incident. This feature allows you to respond first, and then notify us of the incident

Auto reinstatement

Due to the potential continuation of a First Party Coverage event, we offer a reinstatement of those limits should a single event exhaust the original limits

Court Attendance Costs

Time is money, and this holds even more true when it comes to the time of your executives, board members, trustees or owners. If your executives are required to attend court as a witness in a claim covered by our policy, we will reimburse you for court attendance costs (subject to caps of £500 per day and £15,000 in the aggregate)

Limitation of Liability

As a small business, certain contract provisions are forced upon you by larger clients. Waiving your right of subrogation is one of these provisions, which impacts our ability to recoup certain funds if your client is in the wrong. We understand that you will sometimes have to accept this contractual condition, and have crafted cover for your small business in this regard

Cyber Terrorism

The world is more connected than it has ever been, which means you are more exposed than they have ever been. Our SME policy recognises this by affirmatively granting cover for Cyber Terrorism. We provide coverage for cyber events with the intention to further social, ideological, religious or political objectives

Multiple extended reporting period options

Small businesses are often approached for acquisition. Should such an event occur, the policy can provide continuing coverage

Recall exclusion

When an insurance carrier provides Technology Errors & Omissions insurance, they will exclude coverage for costs to recall a failed technology product. As we are not providing Technology Errors & Omissions insurance, we have removed this exclusion

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