With a combined experience of over sixty years, we are able to offer unique and tailored global solutions through the Lloyd’s Underwriting platform to our customers to protect them from cyber and technology professional indemnity / errors and omissions insurance, including non-physical and physical property cover.

  • Tarian is part of Syndicate 4242, an established Lloyd’s underwriter which leads the Tarian Consortium
  • Lloyd’s of London has over 330 years’ experience insuring a wide variety of risks
  • The platform allows us to provide a globally compliant offering
  • The maximum limit we offer is $20,000,000
  • Our Consortium offers a spread of Lloyd’s capital with the added comfort of the Lloyd’s Central Fund .

What makes Tarian’s @ Lloyd’s
offering unique?

  • We’ve assembled a group of people with a broad base of experience of insuring multiple customer risks on a global basis, which enables us to come up with innovative solutions to our customers’ requests
  • Our claims team has handled a multitude of losses, ranging from a lost laptop to large scale data breach.  They bring that experience to our customers’ in their time of need
  • Via the Tarian consortium we provide an effective way for our customers’ to access a meaningful amount of capacity
  • Via our network of vendors we can propose effective risk management solutions to benefit our customers’”


Full underwriting room