Welcome to Tarian

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. We hope that it gives you an insight into what Tarian can offer and how we can support your organisation.

We set up Tarian Underwriting Limited in December 2016 – as a group with extensive market experience we saw an opportunity to set up a customer-centric company that was focused on entrepreneurial and tailored solutions for Cyber and Technology insurance risks.

Many companies say they care about their customers, we look to take that a step further and mould our company to our customers, their wants and needs. We get personal satisfaction from long standing relationships, and seeing people succeed and flourish.

Simply put, by listening to our customers we believe we are improving the standard of Cyber Insurance: we understand the needs of those we work with and provide something they want.

We are also nimble and dynamic, which means we can make informed decisions quickly, benefiting our customers at their time of need.

Ultimately, this means that you can take calculated risks to grow your organisation knowing that Tarian has your back.

Geoff Pryor-White, CEO

Full underwriting room

Trust and reputation

Why Tarian?

Tarian is a brand you can trust, which since its inception has earned an excellent reputation from our business partners and customers as a leading provider of cyber cover. Writing as Beat Syndicate 4242, you can also be secure in the knowledge that we are part of the oldest and most trusted brand in insurance, with impeccable financial strength, including the Lloyd’s chain of security.

Tarian and Lloyd’s are brands where you can be confident of a long-term working relationship, underpinned by impeccable financial strength, with an unrivalled reputation for client service and delivery in a fast-changing business environment.

High-value. High standards.

Specialist protection and support

We believe in regularly engaging with our customers to identify their present and potential future needs, in order to assist them with an ever-changing and growing cyber threat. We are experts at designing products that provide peace of mind in the event that your business is targeted by a cyber attack.

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